A museum of food and drink is opening in, of course, Williamsburg

Have your cake and learn about it, too. via MOFAD
Have your cake and learn about it, too. via MOFAD

With all the meshugaas about New York’s food scene dying out, we were a little worried that Brooklyn’s culinary reputation might get wiped off the map. But now that’s definitely not going to happen, because the Times reports that a museum dedicated entirely to food & drink—called the Museum of Food and Drink, unsurprisingly—is opening its first ever brick-and-mortar location right here in our very own borough!

The MOFAD will open in Williamsburg at 62 Bayard Street on October 28, and contain exactly the kind of things you’d expect to see in a museum dedicated to all-things-edible: a brief history of cereal, a guide to lacto-fermentation, the socioeconomic role of street food, and more. The museum’s 5,000 sq. ft. space can only house one exhibition at a time, so you won’t see all of these things at once. On the bright side, that means it’s going to be a barrel of surprises every time you walk in. First up: an exhibit on the flavor industry called “Flavor: Making It and Faking It” and somehow NOT called “Flava In Ya Ear.”

In addition to its exciting roster of upcoming exhibitions, the MOFAD also has a stacked list of board members: Mario Batali and Questlove are both on the museum’s advisory board, while Dominique Ansel, Carlo Mirarchi and David Chang lend their expertise to the culinary board.

Admission will be $10 for adults, $8 for students, low-income individuals and seniors, $5 for kids under 18 and free for children under 3. And while you wait for the grand opening on October 28, you can get a first “taste” of what’s to come, by watching some of the MOFAD Lab’s food videos on their website.

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