Now Hiring in Brooklyn: Nickelodeon, FINE & RAW, Milk Truck Grilled Cheese and more!

Help make this truck go. via Facebook
Help make this truck go. via Facebook

Like so many people who’ve moved here, I’ve had a checkered work history. Barely making it as a nanny, a stint as a hostess at an Italian restaurant where my manager was a bit too “friendly,” and worst of all, a personal assistant to an Upper East Side socialite who was without a doubt out of her freaking mind. The final straw for that job came on a cold, bleak morning in February when she told me to “get rid of the cat” and then lie to her son that Nemo died in his sleep. Fortunately, I eventually found a  job (relatively) free from crazy mothers, devoid of creepy managers and consistent enough so I could afford to eat. Brokesters, if  you’re reading this thinking “Holy mother of pearl, this speaks to me; I need a new job,” keep on reading, because we’ve got some great job leads for you!

Instead of having breakfast at Tiffany’s, why don’t you buy your breakfast with money from your paycheck from Tiffany’s? That’s right, Tiffany & Co is hiring, and it’s a pretty bad ass job. The perfect Global Trade Merchandising Analyst candidate is incredibly detailed oriented, and has merchandising experience with luxury brands. Analysts will be expected to plan promotional events for new Tiffany products (can you say party with some bling?!); plan the assortment offering for the Trade Sales Channel; and act as liaison between central merchandising, regional merchandising and Trade operations. So, if all the jewels and perfectly square blue boxes won’t distract you send your resume on over. I wonder if you get an employee discount…?

It was always a dream of mine to work for Nickelodeon. More specifically, I wanted the genius creators of Hey Arnold! to write a character for me based on my next door neighbor’s, Kathryn, guinea pig. Her name was Harriet. I digress. Although my chances to work for Hey Arnold! are now long gone, there is a chance for me, and you, to work for Nickelodeon; Nickelodeon International to be more precise! This New York based job is hiring a writer/producer/editor who is ideally bilingual, proficient in encoding and digital media formats, has excellent video editing skills and at least four years of experience. Make your child/adulthood dreams come true and apply today!

Almost Famous is without a doubt one of my favorite movies. For a moment in time I aspired to live the life of main character William Miller, but I’m horrible with music. (For example, when people ask me what kind of music I like I usually respond with, “good music!” I know, I hate me too.) For those of who possess a love of editorial writing and music (similar to William Miller), this job at Viacom may be the career move for you. Pop Beat is MTV’s multimedia and editorial connection to young adults regarding all things music. They are seeking an experienced (5-7 years) individual who will lead the entire Pop Beat team. That’s right, they’re hiring a b-o-s-s. The job seems to be heavily focused on brand awareness and finding innovative ways to promote Pop Beat content. Bonus? Traveling to music festivals and tours will be required from time-to-time!

If someone told my third grade self there was a way to have a respected career in chocolate, the trajectory of my life would be significantly different. Brooklyn based chocolatiers over at FINE & RAW are looking for a hard working assistant to the head chocolatier. Prior chocolate experience is not necessary, but previous work in the food industry is. It’s a full time position with early mornings and long days, but the culture of the company seems pretty freaking sweet. FINE & RAW’s mission is to “save the world through silliness and chocolate,” and they ask applicants to have a “MFA in badassery.” Chocolate, magic and badassery? Sign me up!

Our last job posting is one that made me laugh out loud when I first stumbled across it. Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, an NYC based food truck company, is looking for a “Smart. Competent. Human. Assistant” to help out in their BK office in the gorgeous Pfizer building. Responsibilities include someone able to help with administrative business, some light book keeping, and organizing the calendar for catering jobs. They also ask candidates “possess a nice and friendly phone and email manner.” If you know Quickbooks, that will help! It’s an hourly position and you get all the free grilled cheese you could want.

Brokesters, bonne chance with your search for the “perfect” job. We’ll be here every week giving you some fun and funky options to consider!

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