The week in Broketown, 3/7-3/11

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Bootleg Bar set a new standard in bar advertisements.

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“Trump anxiety” massages became a thing.

We listed what millennials actually want from the MTA.

A new WNYC podcast launched to try to understand Brooklyn’s gentrification.

The directors of the Food Book Fair told us how they got that cool job.

Mullholland’s told us about forging a hipster/bro truce that lasted 10 years.

We recommended seven fool-proof ways to scare rich people out of your neighborhood.

PigPen Theatre Co. told us about the hero’s journey of the modern Brooklynite.

A rape whistle choir played on the steps of City Hall.

Bushwick’s Bootleg Bar created the best bar advertisement we’ve ever seen.

Girls went to JapanBroad City went rat hunting.

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