The week in Broketown, 10/24-10/28

Just leave bodega cats alone please. Via
Just leave bodega cats alone please. Via

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Someone narc’d out a bodega cat on Yelp and the internet came for her hard.

And then someone started a petition to legalize bodega cats in response.

This official-looking MTA poster targeted Donald Trump’s sexual assault history.

We picked the 10 best (and not so good) things about the now-open Alamo Drafthouse.

This app hoped to one day replace Metrocards.

The perfect anti-catcalling, pro-Hillary horror movie arrived.

We picked the best Halloween events that won’t terrify your budget.

We  rounded up some cool jobs for book lovers, beer snobs and coffee addicts.

Acupuncture to treat election anxiety became a thing.

Rekha Shankar’s web series turned freelancing into an impossible video game.

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