5 cool Brooklyn jobs for book reviewers, graphic designers, brand managers and more

This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG
This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

We know it’s hard to believe, but life will go on after the 2016 general election is over. Regardless of who wins (no Trumpies no Trumpies) you’ll have a life to get back to, an apartment to pay rent on and a job that’ll help you do it! Unless, that is, you don’t have a job.

If you find yourselves in the throes of funemployment that’s looking less and less fun every day, then let the Brokelyn job fair find you something fun and paid to do. Assuming the country doesn’t end up in a burning cataclysm of fiery death on Nov. 9, you could land a sweet job in book reviewing, bookkeeping, brand managing and more. Have a peep at all these neat positions we found, and see which one is worthy of your talents.

Calling all bookworms! RT Book Reviews is seeking an enthusiastic Website Content Editor to publish articles about all types of literature that falls under the category of “women’s genre fiction.” The job ad says you’ll wear “many hats,” editing and writing monthly columns, interviews and features. This gig is for someone with a natural aptitude for multi-tasking and attention to detail.

We have a strong hunch that the category of “women’s genre” may include some pretty problematic bodice-rippers, so straw feminists may want to stay away. But anyone who keeps up with the likes of GoodReads, lit blogs and Twitter and has decent knowledge of Mac OS is encouraged to apply. Salary req’s are a must, so go ahead and name your price! Make sure to include a cover letter in the body of your email, no attachments.

More of a numbers kid? There’s a job for that. The Brooklyn Brew Shop is looking for a Bookkeeper to handle transactions and ledgers. You’ll work with the sales team to record customer payments, generate and maintain reports, streamline the accounting structure and process quarterly sales and tax reports. This is definitely not for the disorganized, and it means having fluency in Quickbooks and Excel, plus at least two years’ relevant work experience in accounting or bookkeeping. The benefits are modest — it’s 50 percent employer-paid dental and health insurance coverage — but the other perks of the gig are unique. You get to work with likeminded beer-loving coworkers, enjoy weekly beer tastings, do out-of-office team lunches (with beer), and nosh on office snacks (including beer).

Take a bite outta the big apple: Eater needs a Brand Manager with a killer sense of humor and 5+ years of experience in brand marketing or a related field to rep Eater’s brand to ad partners and readers. You’ll be planning, developing and directing marketing efforts to increase market value and brand relevance of the site, reporting to the Executive Director. Grow! That! Brand! The gig may have its offices in Manhattan, but foodie culture is rife in BK and you can bring your borough savvy to the task. Oops, did we say “foodie?” Don’t repeat it in the interview; apparently you have to have a general abhorrence of the word in order to apply. Benefits include flexible hours, generous parental leave and comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare.


Field work with Brooklyn Roasting Company got you like:  (via IG user @bittyfitz)
Field work with Brooklyn Roasting Company got you like: (via IG user @bittyfitz)

Just start getting paid for your coffee addiction already, with Brooklyn Roasting Company! They need a Wholesale Account Rep to work outside the office doing field sales. That means a lot of dropping in unannounced to coffee shops that use your coffee to ask how they’re liking it, as well as generating new leads, landing new business and meeting overall territory sales goals. Since you’re going to be held accountable for the company’s revenue, profit, and customer growth, you’ve got to be a real self-starter to land the gig.

Previous experience in specialty coffee “strongly preferred,” outstanding written and communication skills required, positive outlook generally smiled upon, and valid driver’s license a must. Plus, this is the coffee biz, so no late sleepers. Early birds get the worm. Er, job.

Last up, consider freelancing with Mouth, an online indie food + gift shop with a passion for local flavor. They’re looking for a “genius” Digital Designer to help grow the brand and the team. The job ad claims this is for anyone who “loves tasting things on wooden spoons,” so folks who prefer plasticware can take their business elsewhere. As a freelance designer, you’ll work closely with the Art Director on the visual direction of the brand.

Responsibilities of the gig include crafting regular e-blasts and marketing campaigns, launching and maintaining digital campaigns on social media channels, designing features for the website like homepage banners and carousel ads, and creating print pieces and packaging that will make other people as excited about small wooden spoons as you are. Minimum 5 years experience in a related industry preferred, ability to work in a fast-paced and multi-tasking environment required. Be a wiz in Adobe CS, particularly InDesign and Photoshop. Apply to designjobs[at]

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