Don’t fear the cheaper: our Brokelyn picks for can’t-miss events this Halloweekend

Don't fear the cheaper: our Brokelyn picks for can't-miss events this Halloweekend
You don’t have to pay to get into 30 rock just to have fun this weekend. Via Pinterest

Point of fact: Halloween is the best holiday in New York City. Why? First of all, it’s the only holiday whose sole adult purpose is partying. Second, it’s the most creative holiday. And since New York is a hotbed of creative energy, we get some wild instances of that. (Not to mention, New Yorkers are especially good at bringing getting their pets into the spirit.)

Our friends over at DNA Info agree with us — though  9/10 dentists may not — and that makes for not one but two reliable journalistic sources to back up the next argument you have with your friends about Halloween. Even if you don’t have a costume yet (here, let us help!) this weekend has tons of spook to keep you frightfully delighted, all the way through to the last trick-or-treater at your front door. We picked out our favorites: 



The Brooklyn FRIGHT Bazaar
All week, through Nov. 1, 150 Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint

When it first reopened, we described the Brooklyn Bazaar as a three-story punk rock funhouse with lots of promising space for events. The Bazaar is really embracing that funhouse vibe this week with lots of events like film screenings, concerts (including a traditional Halloween cover show), comedy and Giphy’s GIF-oween event.



The Parksville Murders (Episode 1), a virtual reality horror opera
Thursday, 6pm-10pm, Archway Under Manhattan Bridge, 80 Pearl St., Dumbo

If Black Mirror hasn’t totally freaked you out about virtual reality, check out this performance where high art meets freaky murder. Opera on Tap is presenting a preview of  what is being called the “world’s first virtual reality episodic horror opera,” based on a “kill room” in the Catskills. It’ll also feature live music from Bombay Rickey and The Cameramen. Food and drink will be available in the Archway at The Lighthouse.



Stranger Things With Candy
Friday, 10:30pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw St., Gowanus

Our good friends at the skint are taking over Littlefield on Friday night for a Stranger Things-inspired dance party, featuring tunes from 1983 and beyond, a supernatural photo booth, video projections and lots of blinking lights. They’ll have drink specials, Eleven-style buzzcuts and Barb makeovers and Eggos. Dress in costume and win the costume contest. Tix are sold out online but available at the door!


These pup costumes will have you screaming "hot dog!" Via Parks Department.
These pup costumes will have you screaming “hot dog!” Via Parks Department.

The Great Pupkin Dog Parade
Saturday, 11:30am-1pm, Fort Greene Park

Interested participants can register early through Eventbrite for $5. Day-of registration starts at 10:30 on the monument plaza for $10. Registration will be limited to the first 120 people. Email info[at]fortgreenepups.org for more information.



Kickstarter presents: Ghost Arcade
Saturday, 11am-7pm, BRIC House, 647 Fulton St., Fort Greene

Kickstarter is bringing its first-ever games festival to town, with its Halloween-themed Ghost Arcade. The 19 video and tabletop games on hand were created by Kickstarter-funded projects. They includes titles such as Super Russian Roulette, Guns of Icarus, Secret Hitler, Monikers and Empire: The Game of New York.



Saturday, 12pm-7pm, Shoestring Press, 640 Classon Ave., Crown Heights

The Brooklyn Draw Jam brings vendors, zines, comix, prints, live drawing, tricks, treats, candy, beer and BBQ to the backyard of this Crown Heights print shop. Costumes welcome.



ROCK is DEAD. The Halloween Show {sponsored}
Saturday, Unit J, 338 Moffat St., Bushwick

Unit J is throwing a raging Halloween show featuring some of your favorite revived rock acts: they’ll have a costume contest, cricket brownies made with real crickets (seriously), alcoholic blood punch (made without real blood) and plenty of room on the dance floor.



Scream 20th Anniversary Halloween Party
Oct. 31, 9pm, Rough Trade, 64 N. 9th St., Williamsburg

Yeah, Scream came out 20 years ago and you are indeed old. Music Video Time Machine is hosting a throwback night of classic horror movie trailers, 90s dancefloor hits and more. Dress in your best horror movie costumes for prizes all night.



The cover band showcase at Shea Stadium
8pm, Oct. 31, Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St., Bushwick

The annual Shea Stadium cover band Halloween show is always a fun time (and this year it won’t be marred by having a small projector showing the Mets losing a World Series game). This year’s show features Charly Bliss, one of the most fun local bands around right now, playing as Josie and The Pussycats, plus Emily Reo as Carly Rae Jepsen, Pouty as Madonna and Sharpless as Kate Bush.


treehouse of horror homer simpson the simpsons season 3 simpsons

Simpsons Club: Halloween Treehouse of Horror-A-THON
Oct. 31, 9pm-midnight, Lo-Res Bar at Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg

Nitehawk’s Simpsons Club has been forgoing its usual weekly Treehouse of Horror marathon during October and instead saving up for a big marathon on Halloween night. Kris King & WFMU’s Thru The Debigulator host Amanda Nazario, will present their favorite treehouse segments. The Simpsons Club has a tradition of only sticking to the good seasons of the show (up to about season 9 or 10); the Treehouse of Horror events however occasionally pluck one from the later years, which, to my surprise, sometimes can be OK!

On Wednesday, Lo-Res is also hosting a screening of the WCW wrestling classic 1995 wrestling event Halloween Havoc, which features mummies, monster trucks and lots of cheesy 90s wrestling schtick.


dead can dance

Dead Can Dance Halloween Party
9pm, Oct. 31, Tender Trap, 66 Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint

Our summer buddies at Get Summered are keeping the party going this Halloween with special guests ready to show their devilish moves on the pole.

Emma, Danielle, Gabrielle, and Jasmine are the fierce dancers of Aerial EDGJ, a pole squad bringing entertainment to your Halloween. These ladies will defy gravity and bring a seductive edge to your night. Be prepared to strip your inhibitions, maybe even while dancing on the pole. Featuring a special live performance of Masma Dream World; plus, a best costume contest with cash prizes.

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