Urban Outfitters wants to welcome you to Bushwick

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Now when you get in a cab to go home, you can just point at your shirt!

It’s almost summer, allegedly, even if the best you can hope for from the weather right now is freezing your ass off in Citi Field’s cheap seats. Summer, of course, means going to thrift shops and finding basketball jerseys to wear both because they are comfortable and because they’re still timely, because the NBA playoffs last until around August or it feels like that anyway. What if you don’t want to go to a thrift store though, because they’re too dirty or you’re taking a (non-violent) stand against Macklemore? Well, Urban Outfiters has your back with their Bushwick jersey/tanktop thing!

Are people buying this? We hope not. This seems more like a really dedicated April Fool’s prank, or a high-level trolling act than an actual pice of merchandise you can buy. Which it’s not, since this is Urban Outfitters, home of the ironic or whatever Mitt Romney t-shirt. And don’t worry, if you’re really burning to show off your Bushwick pride, the shirt, which is a sleeveless piece of mesh with one of Bushwick’s ZIP codes painted on it, retails for an extremely reasonable $39. What a bargain!

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