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Craigslist freebie: Tiny mountain of 1990s Yankees newspaper clippings

You ask, the internet provides: Struggling to make conversation with coworkers at the water cooler? Suspicious of mainstream media and convinced of a conspiracy theory relating to the 1990’s New York Yankees? Have a fetish, closeted or not, for aging newspapers? You’re in luck, Craigslist heard your prayers and has delivered.

A Park Sloper is giving away bins and bins worth of newspaper articles and “some general baseball related material” to whoever cares to come pick it up. The “large collection of newspaper clippings from 1990’s NY Yankees” is mostly Daily News papers, some full and some clipped.

Now, such a free offering presents multiple opportunities. You could consume the whole collection and become intensely knowledgeable about the era, you could strategically place some of the collection in your office, home, or other location so people will notice it and assume you are intensely knowledgable about the era, or you could decoupage a bathroom or hallway with the clippings for both thematic and aesthetic affect.

The plastic bins shown in the post’s photo are not included, so BYOBoxes.

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