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Craigslist freebie: A literal dumpster full of Telecom electronics

In this technology obsessed world, the shiniest, newest inventions often plays into our desires the most intensely. We rid ourselves of headphone jacks and disc drives in the name of sleek minimalism, forgetting the old adage: there’s power in numbers. Sure that iPhone 7 looks hip, but what’s a single overpriced device to a dumpster full of objectively worse ones?

The variety and diversity of archaic products in this dumpster is hugely impressive. Sure, that MacBook Air is portable, but would it really win in a fight against a horde of computer monitors? You can finally assemble that fleet of landlines you’ve always dreamed of! And think of all the decorative wire possibilities.

This pile of junk is from a very specific era, AKA just recently enough that it’s not worth anything but not quite old enough to qualify as vintage! Think of it as a BuzzFeed quiz in physical form – INTERACTIVE: Which Telecom device do you most identify with?

The world is rapidly changing and we know it’s hard to keep up, but now you don’t have to. Just dive into this dumpster full of plastic, cables and cold, heartless computers and pretend its still the mid-90s. If anything can be said about America in 2017, it’s that we’re really embracing our previous mistakes and doing our best to repeat them as frequently as possible! So go ahead, indulge your worst instinct to not accept progress by starting up a new life among the floppy disks in this micro apartment-sized representation of our fair country’s current political situation: a pile of outdated trash. Only this pile is at least where it belongs.

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