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Craigslist freebie of the day: A SpongeBob bouncy castle

Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist
Are you ready, kids? Festive, fun and oh-so free. via Craigslist

One of the worst things about adulthood is that nobody lets you onto the bouncy castle anymore. You’re just supposed to be this serious adult who scoffs at the idea of physical leisure and much would rather do taxes. (I actually heard a kid in Chinatown yesterday joking with his friends by yelling, “I’ve gotta go to Chase bank, because that’s where my account is!”) But since someone’s giving away this Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle on Craigslist, you can finally throw caution and judgment to the wind. Now you can bounce to your heart’s content, under the approving eyes of everyone’s favorite kitchen sponge sea sponge! 

The Craigslist listing claims this bouncy castle is ideal for children’s events—but what is a child, anyway? We’re plenty young at heart here in Brooklyn. Seriously, you could throw the best BBQ parties in town this summer centered entirely around the advent of having a bouncy castle in your backyard! But if you just want this for your real kids, I guess that’s fine too.

It looks like the castle’s up in Ridgewood, and it’s pick-up only. So if nautical nonsense be something you wish, get yourself out the door, take the M out to Fresh Pond Rd. and snag this gem of a party starter from a man named Herman.

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