Slack around with The Slackers and 19 other ways to spend the weekend

the slackers
These nice young men would like to play you some ska music. via Facebook

1. Drop in to a writer’s clinic to get some real talk on your terrible manuscript and how to make it a little better (Friday)

2. Head to this Christmas party at Radio Bushwick, where if you bring Christmas lights you’ll get $2 off admission. Finally, they do something for you other than tangling you up in knots (Friday)

3. The Slackers’ annual holiday show features all the ska you can fit in a fedora, along with balls out reggae weirdo Uzimon (Friday)

4. It’s a burlesque/dance party/art exhibit called Dick the Halls and it promises orgasms. If you skip this, it’s your own damn fault (Friday)

5. Join up with a boom box parade, because there just aren’t enough of those nowadays (Saturday)

6. Do your bare walls make your apartment look like a serial killer’s lair? Get some cheap art at the Living Gallery’s affordable art and crafts fair (Saturday)

7. A wine tasting advertising itself with a latex suit-clad Santa lady can’t possibly end well, so of course you’re gonna be there! (Saturday)

8. Join Jews and Reviews in learning the true meaning of Christmas by watching some Christmas movies and hearing them say a lot of mystified things about the goyim (Saturday)

9. Brooklyn Launchpad is having a local craft fair of their own, so check out what kind of things the fine people of Crown Heights make to sell (Saturday)

10. The Brooklyn Art Library knows what it really takes to get you out in winter to see some art: free wine and chocolate to accompany said art (Saturday)

11. Dance party Feeling Gloomy is getting in the Christmas spirit with their own party, where they’ll be giving out stockings full of coal to the first 10 attendees. Seriously (Saturday)

12. Head to the Saint Catherine, where Brooklyn Brewery will be there with their Defender brew, protecting you from shit beer you hate (Saturday)

13. It’s also your last chance to drink some beers to help save some cute dogs. And the less cute ones, they need help too (Saturday)

14. Are the Wild Stalins, playing in Bushwick, a Wyld Stallyns cover band that does all of their songs in fluent Russian? Only one way to find out! (Saturday)

15. King Charles the Martyr are having themselves a Christmas show fit for royalty, but everyday slobs like you are more than welcome too (Saturday)

16. Make some gingerbread houses, because you’re sick of looking at houses that you can’t eat (Sunday)

17. Halyards is doing a last minute craft fair and happy hour, for all your drunken, panicked shopping needs. Don’t forget your beer book! (Sunday)

18. Adopt a cat, it’s free (Sunday)

19. A kosher pop-up barbecue restaurant in Crown Heigths will finally answer the question you’ve always had: how well can Jews made burnt end baked beans? (Sunday)

20. Go on a scavenger hunt in the Brooklyn Museum. That’s not an invitation to steal anything though, if you were planning a caper (Sunday)

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