A Simpsons party, 16 more ideas for a cromulent weekend

Take a break from stonecutting this weekend
Take a break from stonecutting this weekend

1. If you’re too lazy to get your passport renewed, know The Blue Dhalia will be at Bar Chord blending just about every popular world music genre out there. (Friday)

2. Have a splen-diddily-endid time at Videology’s Simpsons Party! (Friday)

3. Laugh in the face of death at I’m Afraid of Dying comedy show. (Friday)

4. Drink the very last of Brooklyn Brewery’s Monster Ale at Matchless, because after this, it’s really gone for good (Friday)

5. Or welcome a new beer into the world (and drink some free ones) as Bushwick’s new Braven Brewery celebrates the official launch of their IPA at The Well (Friday)

6. Vegan Shop-Up is back to help you combat the winter blues with vegan deliciousness. (Saturday)

7. Brooklyn School of Rock’s Winter Show is where kids 8-16 confirm how old and uncool you are. (Saturday)

8. Watch some free indie films at Amarachi Prime. (Saturday)

9. Learn about and drink to Brooklyn’s grand whiskey scandals at BLDG 92’s Whiskey Wars. (Saturday)

10. Explore how you body can (and can’t) move with a class with Donofrio Dance Company. (Saturday)

11. Watching silent films with live scores by Bakia Quartet probably beats the sound quality of watching Girls in bed on your battered laptop. (Saturday)

12. Flaunt your various dance moves at Various Artist with Nick Gazin & Co, a dance party at Over the Eight. (Saturday)

13. You can feel our excitement for this hastily written Stevie Wonder musical all over. (Saturday)

14. Dancing to Afro-Caribbean music with Alegba & Friends might help you feel less cold and terrible. (Saturday)

15. BookCourt’s Sane Energy goes over the whole fracking deal with the environment. (Sunday)

16. But before that, do your part for the environment and drop off your unwanted or broken electronic junk in Prospect Park (Sunday)

17. Singer-songwriter Alex Battles will be singing some country ballads at Freddy’s Bar. (Sunday)

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