Drop off your broken laptop or TV in Prospect Park on Sunday

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It’s time. via Flickr user Chris Waits

In case you hadn’t heard, you can no longer just abandon your broken electronics outside your apartment in some kind of sad pile of wires and shattered glass for the garbagemen to pick up. De Blasio’s New York, etc., etc. Rather than focusing on the nightmare of not being able to just toss your busted laptop out the window to the waiting sidewalk, we’re here to help you and let you know you can bring your busted electronics to Prospect Park this weekend. Not to just be left there though, specifically bring them to the fine people of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, who are gathering your E-waste on Sunday.

You can bring any of your electronics, like monitors, keyboards, video games, printers, TVs and more (full list here) any time from 10am to 4pm to Prospect Park West and 3rd Street, where folks from the LES Ecology Center will gladly take them off your hands. You get nothing but the satisfaction of knowing you did a good thing, and also you won’t get a ticket for trying to throw everything out with your apartment trash.

Seriously, don’t just go to the edge of the park and dump your busted phone or Virtual Boy there, that is not what this weekend is about. Instead, it’s about providing a place for people an opportunity to drop off their broken or unwanted electronics in a way that will see them either recycled or refurbished and sold to help fund the LES Ecology’s terrible recycling agenda.

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