‘The Shining’ vs. the Bechdel Test, 16 more weekend ideas

Smash the patriarchy
Smash the patriarchy

1. American Candy sketch comedy celebrates all the freaks out there. (Friday)

2. House of Aura presents Lit-Stock at The Bell House, a night of live hip-hop and DJs playing reggae and 90s hip-hop. (Friday)

3. Hear some local musicians chime in at Crown Heights Independent Music Extravaganza. (Friday)

4. At F*ck That Movie, A panel of comedians will convince you that the movie they hate is truly the worst one, but you make the ultimate choice so vote wisely. (Friday)

5. Live out all your Price is Right and Jeopardy dreams at Over the Eight’s Game Show Explosion. (Friday)

6. Put your phone down and Make Eye Contact at brunch at Brooklyn Colony. Just be sure to tweet about it later. (Saturday)

7. Pay tribute to the late great VHS cassette with Obsolete Cinema as they screen Science Crazed and bring out the filmmakers for a special Q&A. (Saturday)

8. Ladysmith Black Mambazo will be singing traditional South African music while you make shameless Mean Girls references. (Saturday)

9. Try not to look too suspicious as comics get to the bottom of a murder mystery at Emblem Free Comedy Show. (Saturday)

10. Cumbe Dance is relocating, so see them off with performances and mini-dance classes at The Moving Party. (Saturday)

11. You don’t have to deal with your 9 to 5, so join Doll Parts and friends in celebrating Dolly Parton’s birthday at Union Hall. (Saturday)

12. See how The Shining and Bridget Jones’ Diary stand as a panel of film and comedy ladies put them to the Bechdel Test at Girl Talk. (Saturday)

13. Go be a good person and support the Children’s Choral and Arts Festival of Peace, unless of course you hate peace, children, and music. (Saturday)

14. Experience just how fun recycling can be with Bill Carney’s Jug Addicts. (Saturday)

15. It’s Super Sunday, so watch the game at any of these 15 bars having Super Bowl parties (Sunday)

16. Liberate your inner musical theatre geek at this Salute to Broadway concert. (Sunday)

17. SNL writers leave their scripts behind for some classic improv at Union Hall. (Sunday)

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