See the power of love and 15 more free ways to spend the week

Don't need money, don't need fame
Don’t need money, don’t need fame

1. Say goodbye to Books Beneath the Bridge forever until next summer when Book Court hosts Ayana Mathis (Monday)

2. The Franklin Park reading series hosts a number of their favorite authors, according to them, one of whom is a carpenter. Maybe he can tell you how to fix that janky shelf after he reads his story (Monday)

3. Toni Braxton is playing a free show at Wingate Field. Be sure to look out for Nets’ rookie head coach Jason Kidd (Monday)

4. Learn how to be the best indoor gardener you can be, because winter is coming. That’s not even a reference, we’re really upset summer is ending (Tuesday)

5. Stop by coffee shop Roogla and get some free juggling lessons. It’ll help you be a hit at bars, girls LOVE juggling (Tuesday)

6. The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies starts things off in their new home at Cameo with a debate on presidential bad asses. If genocidal maniac Andrew Jackson gets it, we give up on you guys (Tuesday)

7. It’s Princess Bride trivia at Brooklyn Winery, and you know what that means: a roomful of people shouting “Inconceivable!” every time each one gets an answer wrong (Tuesday)

8. Everyone around you is a suspect when Red Hook Flicks shows a screening of The Thing (Tuesday)

9. Learn all about Brooklyn’s 19th century saloons and shops and think about how far we’ve come since people staunchly supported small businesses and had ridiculous mustaches (Wednesday)

10. Owe money to Sallie Mae? Brooklyn Launchpad wants to get all of you together to barter your debt down with the loan giant (Wednesday)

11. Author Mark Rosenberg wrote a book about eating his feelings and is reading from it at Word. Hey, we’ve got some experience with that! (Wednesday)

12. Comedy show Apocalypse Wow celebrates one year of world ending comedy. Perhaps explosions to come (Wednesday)

13. Watch Rocky at Brooklyn Bridge Park and remember how it beat Taxi Driver for Best Picture in 1976 (Thursday)

14. Find out how author Sarah Showferty’s life got flipped turned upside down when she decided to let advice from dating books rule her dating life for a full year (Thursday)

15. Hey, want a new drug? Ask Huey Lewis and the News when they’re playing at Coney Island, we hear that’s their specialty (Thursday)

16. Red Star’s DanDillLions comedy show promises to be “toad-ally” awesome, so hop on over to Greenpoint for some laffs (Friday)

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