See some fireworks and 10 other free ways to spend the week

You're alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen
You’re alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen

1. Coney Island’s “Flicks on the Beach” kicks off with a screening of Little Fugitive, the story of an adorable moppet who’s hiding from the consequences of what he thinks is A MURDER (Monday)

2. Or if you like your movies indoors and with half-price Sixpoint, check out Absence, the strange story of a disappearing pregnancy (Monday)

3. Make some friendship bracelets at Brooklyn Launchpad, so you can keep track of who your friends are. Put a tiny GPS tracker in them and you can keep track of where your friends are (Monday)

4. Prepare for the end times by learning how to make your own solar generator (Tuesday)

5. The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies will teach you all about some revolutions that didn’t end as cleanly as ours did (Tuesday)

6. Emma Straub celebrates the paperback release of her new book by getting some her friends to come to WORD and talk about their Hollywood experiences. Expect a lot of stories about coke, if our movie-viewing experience is to be trusted (Tuesday)

7. The Bossa Nova Civic Club is having a sweaty, independent dance party that will feature “Americana-themed video projections.” Can’t go wrong with those (Wednesday)

8. Why choose between drinking, eating barbecue and dancing when you can do all three at Lp ‘n’ Harmony? Seriously though, free barbecue (Thursday)

9. Check out the fireworks at MCU Park because it’s the 4th of July and America, fuck yeah (Thursday)

10. Check out a play of Frankenstein the day after Independence Day. Because freedom comes with responsibilities. Responsibilities like not stitching together and bringing to life your own human being (Friday)

11. Near Dark is a vampire western, which means you can expect plenty of Mexican stake-offs. Get it? Get it??? You get it (Friday)

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