See The Dude abide at SummerScreen, and 16 other free things to do this week

Well are you gonna go or what?
Well are you gonna go or what?

1. Get a free glamour shot for your LinkedIn (or Tinder, or however you wanna use it), courtesy of Mesh. (Monday-Friday)

2. Head to Videology for the premiere of Covert Bacon’s four original webseries pilots. If the shows are as good as they sound like they taste, you’ve got a great night ahead of you. (Monday)

3. Bribe and blackmail your friends into going with you to Coney Island to see American Hustle. (Monday)

4. Wix teaches you how to build a website. (Tuesday)

5. BookCourt hosts of book launch on how to build a teacher. (Tuesday)

6. Brooklyn’s pretty warm right now but over at Red Hook Flicks Paris is Burning. (Tuesday)

7. Listen to some nonfiction at Hullabaloo Books’ Shelf Life Reading Series. (Tuesday)

8. Hear some comedy by Dion Flynn and Mike Drucker, from The Tonight Show, at the People’s Republic of Brooklyn’s Manifesto. (Tuesday)

9. See The Big Lebowski on the big screen at McCarren Park. (Wednesday)

10. Summer Camp comedy gets all sticky and sweet. (Wednesday)

11. Djemba Djemba’s at Output Club’s Input dance party is a good place to groove your cares away this week. (Thursday)

12. Discuss bad decisions, which of course you’re intimately familiar with, with authors Sarah McCarry, Jen Pan and Lola Pellegrino at WORD. (Thursday)

13. Head to Over the Eight’s Split Personality for some comedy and storytelling, from Broad City writer Chris Kelly, among others . You may even get a chance to tell your own story up there with the performers. (Thursday)

14. Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Sorry, there are no cat videos in this movie. (Thursday)

15. Tap into your vague Irish ancestry with Altan at Celebrate Brooklyn. (Thursday)

16. Asian Dub Foundation is coming to Celebrate Brooklyn from across the pond to provide the live score of George Lucas’ first movie, THX 1138. (Friday)

17. Try not to hyperventilate but there’s a pizza-themed 10-minute play festival with free pizza happening at Legion, and well, we lied, we’re hyperventilating. (Friday)

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