McCarren Park’s SummerScreen 2014 lineup is here!

Where you’re going, you don’t need to pay for tickets. But you probably should bring something comfortable to sit on.

Summer movie season is coming, and while we can all be excited about Guardians of the Galaxy and its raccoon with guns, there are better options than paying $15 to sit in a dark air conditioned room. Like heading to SummeScreen at the concrete baseball field at McCarren Park and watching free movies in the romantic summer light. And hey, starting Wednesday July 9, you can do just that, when SummerScreen blasts back into our lives with Back to the Future.

The annual outdoor movie series/really good date idea will be back with a bunch more movies to give you something to do every Wednesday that doesn’t involve drinking the whole summer away, from July 9 to August 13. The concrete ballfields will open at 6pm, and movies will start each week at sundown after a musical performance at 6:30pm by bands booked by Todd P. And, if you want to eat more than the Milk Duds that usually get stuck in your teeth at the movies, food trucks will be lined up and waiting to take your money each week as well. The full schedule below is:

July 9: Back to the Future

July 16: Zoolander

July 23: Cry-Baby

July 30: Heathers

August 6: The Big Lebowski

August 13: Audience choice

Like last year, you’ll get to vote for the final movie in the series. The choices you’ll have are Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Jawbreaker, Fast Times  at Ridgemont High, The Warriors, Spice World, Big Trouble in Little China, and Mean Girls. We can’t say we’d be upset with any of the choices really, but any situation where you can see The Warriors outside is one that we think people should leap at.

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