See over 40 comedians FOR FREE at a standup marathon Saturday at Videology

sean donnelly
Sean Donnelly summoning all his funny friends to stampede down to Videology this weekend.

New York’s a competitive place. Brooklyn and Queens are fighting over who gets to be more overpriced, old man winter keeps trying to outdo his latest disasterpiece, and at any given moment there are probably four different groups howling “SHOWTIME” in your face. We really appreciate those rare moments when people engage with the city’s excess in a way that doesn’t make everyone horribly miserable, which is why we’re pretty excited for Comedyology’s standup marathon this weekend. After all, what would this city be without its decadence and what is decadence if not the chance to see 40 comedians for absolutely no money?

Comedyology is celebrating their first birthday with a free bash this Saturday, February 21 at 9:30pm, at Videology. They’ll be featuring comedy shorts and standup from folks like Rob Cantrell, Sean Donnelly, Megan Gailey, and Bob Hansen. They’ll also have buy one get one Six Point Global Warmer Red Ale until it runs out, which you may or may not choose to drink in excess since that seems to be a theme for the evening.

At midnight the “marathon standup comedy express train” takes off, and over 40 comedians from the past year will barrel through with more material than we know what to do with. Assuming they don’t just have all the comics recite a single joke in unison, we imagine this train will go pretty late, and we respect that ambition. We thought of getting on board the marathon train and coming up with the Brokelyn equivalent, but all we could think of was hosting a power reading of 40 think pieces on what the real Brooklyn is, so we’ll spare you. For now.

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