Queens is the new Brooklyn (expensive as hell)

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The hip new place to complain about the rent. via Flickr user jlwelsh

You know what everyone who’s anyone is sick of? Complaining about the rent in Brooklyn. It’s soooo mainstream that even the Clinton braintrust is doing it. If you wanna be on the cutting edge, get in on the hip rent complaining that all the kids are doing, you have to change it up. You have to start complaining about how Queens is expensive as hell now, like Douglas Elliman’s new real estate report that says Queens’ rent is higher than Brooklyn’s rent.

Obviously it feels good to not be complaining about the rent in Brooklyn for once, although we should mention that according to the report , northwest Brooklyn’s median rent of $2,901/month is still quite expensive. Not as expensive as northwest Queens’ median rent though, which is $2,905/month. That’s an increase of 30.7% in just a single year, with the main culprit appearing to be 3-bedroom apartments, which are now just a hair under $3,000/month and 46.2% more expensive than they were last year.

Sure, you might be thinking that four extra dollars per year isn’t that much money, but when drawn out over the course of 12 months, that’s a whole $48. You could get a ticket to a Mets game, or almost an eighth of weed with that money. Money you saved by living in Brooklyn, the bargain borough!

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  1. This is getting so depressing. It’s as if the city is trying with all its might to push me back into the Bronx, where I came from.

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