Learn the science of making whiskey, drink free beer tomorrow at Kings County Distiller

kings county distillery colin spoelman
Learn the science behind all this booze. Photo via Colin Spoelman

Even if you hated science in high school you we’ve got a science-centered night you won’t bored to death tomorrow: Science Distilled at Kings County Distillery. This isn’t your average chemistry lesson, because this is an event that will delve into the complexities of one of our most beloved spirits, whiskey. Distillers as scientists? Believe it baby, because the process of making the stuff that makes you say “I love you” to your favorite bartender and you’re emotionally distant Chihuahua is a fascinating one; a collection of compounds named ethers and alcohol if you will.

Science Distilled is being put together by Artlab, a series serving to unite arts and the sciences in ways much cooler than glow sticks and lava lamps of yesteryear. Brooklyn-based, the series regularly features conversations between artists and scientists exploring the intersection of their work.

The night at Kings County Distillery will run you eight bucks, which gets you a tour of Brooklyn’s oldest distillery lasting around 45 minutes, a tasting including bourbon and moonshine and a personal Q&A session lead by noted Master Blender Nicole Austin. Oh and if that’s not enough, there’s also going to be FREE BEER from Brooklyn Brewery. We’re holding out hope that Kings County’s delicious apple cider will make an appearance as well. The more drinks the merrier!

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