Say anything and 13 other ways to keep independence weekend going

Has this ever worked for anyone?
Has this ever worked for anyone?

1. Out of 25,000 photographs he took between 2005 and 2010, photographer Robert Madruga is displaying only 25 for an exhibit in Gowanus. Try not to think about all the photos you don’t see (Friday)

2. The Brick Theater is hosting an intersection of video games and performance art. We’re thinking Lara Croft delivering a piece from the Vagina Monologues, but we’re probably wrong (Friday)

3. Wasabassco Burlesque invites you to the Bell House to keep celebrating America the only way they know how to: with asses everywhere you look (Friday)

4. Mellow Pages moved over to a space that’s much, much larger than their old one, so they’re inviting you over to celebrate it. No readings, just hanging (Friday)

5. Disco Vietnam came all the way here from the far off land of Huntington, Long Island to play Billy Joel cover songs. Nah, just kidding, it’s rock and roll. One song is named after former Mets third base coach Razor Shines (Friday)

6. Learn everything you want to know about silkscreening at Brooklyn Launchpad, and then be insufferable about how much you know about Silkscreening (Saturday)

7. 706 Bar, which occupies the space Minor Arcana used to, would like you to know they aren’t a sports bar, and invite you to find out at their grand opening party (Saturday)

8. The Brick Theater is real busy this weekend. In addition to their game night, they’re also doing an invisible flashmob (Saturday)

9. A performance of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is just the kind of thing that will fix your cynical black heart, if you’d like it fixed (Saturday)

10. Giving to pro-choice groups not a fun enough way to stick it to the patriarchy? Head to this variety show at Brooklyn Fireproof that benefits Planned Parenthood and Womanspace (Saturday)

11. Freddy’s welcomes a specific brand of nerds to compete in Firefly trivia. Worst team is shot into space to contemplate its infinite nature (Sunday)

12. It’s finally really, really hot, so check out the good works of 30 local ice cream makers at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown (Sunday)

13. Habana Outpost is showing Say Anything for all you teenage romantics and unfailingly polite people out there (Sunday)

14. Tiki Disco returns to its original home in the garden at Roberta’s, if you’ve been missing doing your dancing in close proximity to pizza (Sunday)

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