‘Robots’: probably not a threat to Lena Dunham’s ubiquity

The life of a young, single robot in the city is full of excitement
The life of a young, single robot in the city is full of excitement

If you have a very popular media property, there are a couple things that are bound to happen: someone will try to make a quick buck off of a bus tour, someone else will try to make a quick buck off a reality show based on it, and there will be parodies. Oh, will there be parodies. In the case of Girls, the most well-known parody so far was Boys, which was goofy enough to get a few chuckles. Especially thanks to the guy who was based on Jessa. Now we have a new entrant in Dinner for One’s Robots, which has a promising premise (robots are always funny), but can’t quite follow through.

HBO – “Robots” Trailer (Girls Parody) – watch more funny videos

So, what do we all think? Except for maybe the part with the robot sex, not much to it, no? I mean, I get it, we can’t police every Girls parody out there, but this one filmed locally, with prominent scenes of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, is on our turf, so it kind of demands comment. And it aside from hitting a couple of the show’s more famous scenes, while missing the fact that they were not supposed to be taken at face value, it falls back on some tired jokes that have little to do with the show: free trade coffee is ridiculous! Hipsters! Bushwick! Or maybe I’m just missing the joke?

[h/t to Brooklyn Heights Blog]


  1. Nancy

    Dear David,
    Not only are you missing the joke, but in general you are missing a sense of humor. But let’s just not take your irrelevant commentary “at face value.”

  2. Eric Kingrea

    I’m still waiting for robotic science to hit its “sweet spot”: producing a robot that will be active and responsive when I have sex with it, but not so advanced as to form opinions about the quality of my lovemaking.

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