Get ready to be gawked at by the ‘Girls’ bus tour

"And on your left, the abandoned street where Ray and Shoshanna shared an awkward moment."
“And on your left, the abandoned street where Ray and Shoshanna shared an awkward moment.”

Comparisons have been made between Girls and Sex in the City, mostly because we guess once you have a show about the female experience in New York City, future shows can ONLY be filtered through that one. But now an ambitious vulture capitalist is here to bring those comparisons even closer, planning a bus tour of locations featured on Girls.

Consider us unimpressed. Sure there’s places like Cafe Grumpy and the beautiful streets of Greenpoint, but that picture up there? That graffiti scribbled wall was featured in the Bushwick episode. It’s right next to a place that processes dead chickens, and smells like it at night. The party warehouse from the Bushwick episode? 15 Bushwick Place? It’s a warehouse. It looks like crap. I bike past it every day, there’s nothing to see. You really need a fifty dollar tour bus to get you there?

And for that matter, WNYC has already done most of the work involved in a tour like that. People of, well, everywhere that isn’t Brooklyn: if you really want to see the bar where Jessa ducked in instead of having her abortion, just call up your cousin you never see, or that one friend who moved here and ask them to show you around. There is nothing more irritating in this world than those double-decker tour buses, nothing that makes people think “yokel” when they see you, then when they see you in the safety of forty like-minded, open-mouthed gawkers allegedly being sold the “real Brooklyn.” The whole point of Girls is that these women are figuring it out on their own, sometimes making mistakes. Everyone would do well to follow that example.

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