Are you a real ‘Girl’? Then this reality show wants you

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Are you a total Marnie? In that your friends think you’re frigid and hateful? via Paper Mag

Just like the tour bus of our dreams nightmares, a reality show about Girls was bound to happen. This is despite the fact that the show already cuts to the bone with cringeworthy realness. But we guess since there’s no hair pulling or catfights (the true arbiter of realness, if reality TV is to be believed) on Girls, we guess it’s time for the reality show version of it to rear its ugly head. Jezebel found the casting call, and hey, it’s vague enough that you could end up being on the show.

The show is looking for twenty-something young women “seeking fame, fortune, love or even a hookup with potential” to sacrifice their dignity to the petty gods of the small screen. They want girls who not only fight and eat brunch, but also support each other through their struggles. So, you know, human beings doing human being stuff. They have the good taste to not namedrop Girls until almost the end of the ad, but not enough taste to avoid using the phrase “living the dream in hipster Brooklyn.”

Anyway, if you somehow think you can be realer than Audrey Gelman, who plays Charlie’s new girlfriend AND is Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer’s spokesperson, send an email to blinktipcasting(at) But if they call you in to a meeting, you’ll have to go to midtown. Which is just so inauthentic.

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