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Robicelli’s will teach you to master desserts, the kitchen in August

You could maybe learn to make something that approaches looking this good. via Facebook

If you’re anything like me (which you probably aren’t, because my parents say I’m “very unique”) you assume that anything that comes out of a kitchen other than your own automatically tastes better.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook, but I prefer having someone else do the dirty work. But perhaps under the tutelage of some of Brooklyn’s top bakers, my confidence in my kitchen skills would rise? I can answer that question now, and so can you, because Robicelli’s is offering a slew of kitchen skills classes for August, from knife skills to pastry making.

Robicelli’s classes will all take place Friday nights at 7pm and go for two to three hours. Of particular interest are Pies Ahoy! on August 8 and Pastry 101 on August 15, where you can learn the secrets of making actually edible pie and dessert. Sounds nice.

The classes will run you $60 or $65, which to be honest, sounds like a week’s cupcake budget in my books.  Also, can you put a price on being schooled by Brooklyn’s sarcastic dessert master? Well, obviously you can, because they did, but that’s a rhetorical question. Everything you need for the classes is included in the price, you’re promised take-home treats from the class and students also get 10% all Robicelli’s purchases after their lesson, so why wait when you could sign up to make some pie?

The full schedule is as follows:

Friday, August 1st, 7pm-9pm: Knife Skills ($60)

Friday, August 8th, 7pm-10pm: Pies Ahoy! ( $65)

Friday, August 15th, 7pm-9:30 pm: Pastry 101- The Basics ( $60)

Friday, August 22nd, 7pm-9pm: Knife Skills ($60)

Friday, August 29th, 7pm-9pm: Breakfast Foods ($60)

Blow your bakery budget and learn a new skill! Who knows, you may be the next entrepreneurial Brooklynite to start a baking craze.  Muffin-cupcake-waffle-pies anyone?

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