Get saved by the bell, plus 9 more free ways to end and start the year

zack morris phone
Just a matter of time before this kind of phone is in style again anyway.

1. Hear some Czech folk jazz with Martina Fiserova at The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Make your Monday soulful with Reverend Vince Anderson and the Love Choir. You can tell yourself this makes up for all those bottomless brunches you’ve had on The Lord’s Day. (Monday)

3. It’s almost 2015 and it’s time to think differently, so get a head start on that with comedy show Fresh Perspectives at Muchmores, with the likes of Michael Wolf and Eliza Hurwitz (Monday)

4. See The Boobies perform and feel up their vibe. (Tuesday)

5. We’ve got 18 different free ways for you to spend New Year’s, from a Coney Island ball drop to a masquerade party at Passenger Bar (Wednesday)

6. We hear 2015 is a pretty Up and Coming so start it off with comedy at 739 Franklin. (Thursday)

7. There’s gonna be some mean jazz flute at BAM with Sam Schulich’s Phunky Phloot and Alpha Mosaic. (Friday)

8. Watch Saved By the Bell with some inspirational commentary from some comics. (Friday)

9. If becoming a pop star’s your New Year’s resolution, kick off your career at Kings of Karaoke at Union Hall. (Friday)

10. You probably made some new friends on New Year’s, so solidify that bond by dancing with them to punk and hardcore and the like at Matchless’ Friends 4EVR Friday (Friday)

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