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Non-members can shop at the Greene Hill Food Co-op on Saturday

greene hill food co-op
What mysteries lie behind this door? Find out on Saturday via Facebook

If you’ve live in Brooklyn long enough, you’re bound to get curious about food co-ops. Are they really just mysterious hermit kingdoms with strange rituals regarding plastic bags, or are they places people actually shop for food? Usually the answer to this mystery is only available to food co-op members, but this Saturday, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Bed-Stuy is opening their doors to just any schmuck off the street for a non-member shopping day. Plus, they’re also giving away trees, as that’s the hip thing to do these days.

Saturday, March 22, the Greene Hill Co-op (18 Putnam Avenue) invites you to come check out the way they do things over in co-op land. Is there regular food like regular humans eat, or is it all weird organic stuff with Pul Newman’s forever-judging eyes looking at you from the packaging? How are the prices? Do you have to sign a fealty pledge before you can leave with your groceries? You can find all of this out between 10am and 4pm on Saturday. But if you get there early enough, you can also get a free tree, because they’ve got 100 free trees to give away from MillionTreesNYC on a first come, first serve basis.

Just don’t fall too deeply in love unless you’re prepared to pay a $175 fee to join the co-op and work two hours every four weeks with your fellow co-op member. It’s either that or waiting until the next open shopping day on June 14.


  1. Sam Corbin

    Ugh, I remember dipping in here during an open shopping day last year and being generally unimpressed by the prices and variety of goods available. Also, what is it about co-ops that makes them look so barren? I feel like a pop-up shop consisting entirely of ‘things currently in my cupboard’ would look more convincing as a store.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I would only like to point out that its $175 investment, not a fee. Only $25 of which is non-refundable. If you ever choose to leave, the remaining $150 will be returned to you.

    Overall, its really a great place to meet your neighbors and maybe shop a little healthier.

    To address Sam below – We are new. We are still growing and still learning. Although I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes we’ve made over the last year! The more members we get, the larger we can be, the cheaper prices can be, and the more things we can carry. Yes, some things run out sometimes (particularly on open shopping days!), but when a person joins they get to be a voice, and help initiate and encourage changes that can help make things better for the co op! That’s what’s so great about it!

    Anyway, I love the co op and the sense of community that is around it. Thanks for running this story!

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