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It’s free tree season! Don’t be a sap and miss out

million trees nyc
Come and knock on our bark, we’ve been waiting for you. via Facebook

It might not feel like spring yet, but no matter how it feels out there, it’s still the season for treeson. Uh, we’re gonna maybe work on that tagline. In the meantime, you think about where you’ll put your absolutely 100% free tree that the New York Restoration Project is giving away between now and May. Trees! Trees you don’t have to pay for!

As you can see here, the NYRP has a whole slew of free tree giveaways planned in Brooklyn, in either a legitimate attempt to make the city a greener place or a weird pagan ritual to make sure we banish winter to the land of wind and ghosts. Either one is fine with us really. You can plant the tree pretty much anywhere except for a roof, a balcony, a city park or on the street. And who’s ever heard of planting a tree on a balcony?

You’ve got a bunch of trees to choose from at each giveaway, provided you register in time to have your pick. Yep, you need to register in advance to get a tree if you don’t want to be stuck getting the first come, first served remainder trees. And you just know that people will be fighting tooth and nail for those. So in order to bypass the kicking and punching tree-crazed masses, just keep an eye on the list of tree giveaways going down in Brooklyn and wait for registration to open for the one nearest to you. Or the farthest, there’s nothing like trying to fit a tree into a cab or lug it on the subway.

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