New Bed-Stuy reading series kicks off with an all-star Brokelyn lineup

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Graphic by Meghan Doherty

We all know that the roving cast of Brokelyn characters can round up the best $1 oysters like they’re slow-moving cattle. But when we’re not acting as low-budget sleuths, turns out we can still craft a line of pretty prose. In case you were wondering what kind of weird stuff Brokelyn’s journalists come up with in our spare time, on Wednesday you’ll finally have a chance to find out and quit your creepy questioning. Six of our contributors will be reading original essays and fiction works at the inaugural night of Words with Beers, a new reading series from our pals at Bedford Hill (the scene of the first Brokelandia episode), led by Brokelyn alum Meghan Doherty and your’s truly.

Listen, I know there are about a fudgillion and ten reading series out there, because there’s a sucktillion number of writers in this city. But none of them feature all these Brokelyn people in one place:

Kate Mooney
Eric Silver
Kelly Murphy
Dave Colon
Tim Donnelly
and Carrie Waye (a non-Brokelyn person, but we still like her anyway)

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