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You can now barter books for booze at Molasses Books!

Thirst for knowledge gets a whole new meaning. Photo by Paul Ker.
Thirst for knowledge gets a whole new meaning at Molasses. Photo by Paul Ker.

Molasses Books finally has its beer and wine license! Bushwick’s barter-based bookstore, which has been open since July, promises “books that [don’t] suck” at prices within the $5-8 range. Used bookstores are nothing new, so what’s the hook? As we mentioned over the summer, at Molasses, you can trade your used books for coffee, or if you’d prefer, for more books. Since its inception, there’s been a promise on behalf of owner Matthew Winn that patrons would eventually be able to swap their books for a tab for beer and wine, and ladies and gentlemen, that day is finally here.

Currently, Molasses offers Genesee Cream Ale and Budweiser for $3, and Steigl and Bass for $4. Winn told us that while the wine list isn’t set in stone yet, they’ll most likely offer a house red and a slightly more upscale wine for $5 and $8, respectively. There’s also plans for a happy hour where Genesee will be a heavenly $2 a can.

Along with beer and wine sales, Molasses Books will be undergoing a number of changes. The store, which was previously staffed only by Winn himself, will be enjoying the company of some new volunteers who will be helping customers as the store expands its hours to be open until 10pm every day. In addition to extended daily hours, Molasses will also be operational on Mondays and plans on packing in a fuller event schedule.

To usher in what he refers to as “Phase Two” of Molasses, Winn will be throwing a party at the store this Saturday night starting at 7pm. “This is a party,” the event announces, “not a reading or a performance.” So leave your berets and bongos at home (or whatever weird vestige is left from poetry reading stereotypes), and for the love of god, don’t forget to tip your new bartender.

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