TODAY! Trojan giving away 10,000 free vibrators in Manhattan

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The $39.95 Tri-Phoria is one of the models Trojan will be giving away tomorrow. Also, is this the world’s most androgynous looking hand?

Someone said on Twitter that we write about booze too much so here’s another way to catch a buzz. You know vibrators? Those formerly embarrassing personal massagers that you can now just wear as a necklace or toss into your basket at Walgreens, no prob? Trojan wants everyone to think they’re household appliances like electric toothbrushes (which you can now use to actually brush your teeth), so the company is giving away 10,000 vibrators at two specially marked hot dog stands parked in as-yet-unannounced locations in Manhattan, according to The Times. One model, the TriPhoria, is pictured above. The other model, the Pulse, is after the jump. Follow Trojan Vibrations on Facebook (at your own peril) to find the giveaway locations tomorrow TODAY and Thursday. UPDATE: Trojan just announced the locations for today (Weds): Meatpacking (teehee) — 14th Street and 10th Avenue; East Village – 3rd Avenue between 12th and 14th St; Flatiron – 5th Avenue between 23rd and 22nd Streets; Financial District – Pearl and Broad Streets. 

And for Thursday: Murray Hill – 3rd Avenue between 33rd and 38th Streets. Meatpacking – 14th Street and 10th Avenue; Union Square – 17th Street and Broadway; Soho – Lafayette between Broom and Spring Streets.

Hmmm… would a free vibrator giveaway be the best place ever to meet someone or the absolute most awkward? Maybe just tell everyone you met at a hot dog stand. [via New York Times]

To find out, you have to check Trojan Vibrations on Facebook tomorrow.

Of course.

You know, vibrators are all mainstream these days

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  1. Yes, you do write about booze too much. This is definitely something different so kudos, finally.

    The Woman Who Complained That You Write About Booze Too Much

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