(Minor league) baseball is here! Cyclones tix go on sale May 11

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Summer and baseball. They go together like, well, summer and baseball. Of course, because one of New York’s teams is pure evil and the other is drowning in an ocean of debt, it can be expensive to go and enjoy a game. That is, unless you want to head down to Coney Island and watch the Cyclones. Which you should. So good thing tickets for their games go on sale next week, huh?

The tickets go on sale May 11 at 10am, so mark it on your GoogleCalendar or write it on your hand or something. How cheap is it to go see a Cyclones game? The most expensive ticket you can buy there is $17. $17! I once got scalped tickets at the end of a lost season for the Mets, I bought them after the first inning had already started and they were still $20. And it’s not like the tickets are cheap because the Cyclones are bad. The Mets have a half-decent farm system, the proof of which is that the Cyclones won their division in 2010 and came in second the last two seasons.

But of course, which games should you by tickets to? It might surprise you to learn that we are not experts on the New York -Penn Short Season A-Ball League, so we’re not sure who the Cyclones’ rivals are outside of the hated Staten Island Yankees (BOOOO!). But, you can always buy tickets just based on promotional dates, which minor league teams are great it, and the Cyclones are no exception. We reccomend the days that we’ve highlighted here already: Meaningful Mondays, with $3 from each ticket sold for a Monday home game going towards Sandy relief efforts; Fictitious Friday, which will honor Manti T’eo with a mythical beasts petting zoo and allowing every paying customer to bring their imaginary girlfriend with them free of charge; and finally Turn Back the Clock night, when Keyspan Park will be festooned with touches from 1913, and the first 3,000 fans there get a replica 1913 Cyclones jersey.

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