Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Look out Bed-Stuy, Michelle Williams might be your new neighborhood celebrity

You wanna live in Bed-Stuy, you gotta get a pixie cut now

If your lease is up in Bed-Stuy soon and you like living there, you might wanna call your landlord and beg for a two-year lease. Hell, even if you just signed your lease yesterday, you might wanna take that tack because Bed-Stuy isn’t just being boldly re-imagined as the next Williamsburg, it’s apparently bewitching famous Hollywood types like Michelle Williams. Why doesn’t she just buy Zosia Mamet’s house in Bushwick though? Keep it in the famous person family.

The news of Bed-Stuy’s potential hyper-speed gentrification comes courtesy of the incorrigible gossip-mongers at the New York Post, who said their spies caught her checking out places in Fort Greene and Bed-Stut. Spies! Forgetting for a moment that the New York Post engages in complicated celebrity espionage and how that isn’t weird at all, let’s instead focus on having some sympathy for the residents of whichever neighborhood Williams chooses. Not that she doesn’t seem like a relatively normal famous person or anything, but it’s not like the rent isn’t going up fast enough in both of those neighborhoods.

While our money is on Williams choosing Fort Greene because she wants to be around more rich people and really really wants to piss off Spike Lee*, that definitely isn’t a 100% certain outcome. We could just as easily see her picking Bed-Stuy because she wants to be around people who are more “real” (read: poor) and other Hollywood bullshit reasons. In the mean time, look out for the New York Post’s spies, they’re apparently everywhere.

*Not that we have spies who know she wants to do this, we just think it would be funny if that were the case for some reason

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