Bed-Stuy the new Williamsburg the new real estate panic

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Yeah sure, just knock it all down and put up shitty boxy condos. via Flickr user Atom

Just when we thought the “X is the new Y” consensus for Bed-Stuy was that it was “the new (old) Lower East Side,” someone from the real estate brokerage had to go and upend that by telling Crain’s “I’m seeing in Bed-Stuy what I saw happen in Williamsburg in 2002.” And they are very similar! In that both places are neighborhoods in Kings County in the City of New York on the planet Earth.

So if you’re playing along at home, that makes the G train the new L train, the J train the new G train, Herbert Von King Park the new McCarren Park, Williamsburg the new uh, Kips Bay, and Bedwick still the stupidest neighborhood anyone has ever devised.

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