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Lights, camera, college: Navy Yard to be home to film school

We can always use another Spike Lee.
We can always use another Spike Lee.

Brooklyn is stocking up on movie theaters, but what if you don’t just want to watch the movie, you want to make those ghostly haunting images yourself? Tired of those hotshot jerks from Hollywood grabbing all the celluloid glory, the city is supporting the opening of the Brooklyn College Graduate School of Cinema at Steiner Studios, in the Navy Yard. 

Brooklyn College says that the school is set to welcome its first class in 2014 and when everything is fully up and running, it will be able to accomodate 400 students enrolled annually. As a bonus, the school will be brokester-friendly and will cost less than half of most of the graduate film programs in the country. And it’s not like low cost will mean bad education: Brooklyn is a hotbed for filming (sometimes to the dismay of residents) and the Navy Yard campus will be the country’s only graduate school of cinema to be integrated into a working film lot. There are also plans for an annual film festival to showcase student work.

The city will be involved in helping to plan and open the school’s Digital Media Center, and after it opens the Mayor’s office will donate to a scholarship fund that will give out three need-based scholarships per year. So if you’ve been staring at that film studies degree of yours and wondering what to do with it, now at least you can go to grad school and stay in Brooklyn. And maybe you can end up making a cult favorite that plays at Videology.

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