This is why you should probably mind your own business on the subway

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The first step is definitely to make sure the L train is running. Via screenshot.

My No. 1 reason for not liking ebooks, in addition to the fact that I HATE TREES (jk), is that I get a lot of my reading recommendations from the subway. It’s my own personal New York Times underground book review, where I can see what new books are trending, which old favorites are making a comeback and just how few people are actually reading City on Fire (the grand total still stands at zero). That also makes me a bit of a creepster on your reading habits I guess. Comedian Scott Rogowsky had some fun with this kind of nosiness, reading a series of absurdly titled books on the subway, including Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide; 101 Penis Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, At the Office or On the Go; and Definitely Not Porn. 

The above video, made for Playboy, is a good laugh for a gray Friday when the spectre of being stuck in your puffy jacket for another commute seems too miserable. Rogowsky also recently went around McCarren Park delivering a bunch of literally scripted pick-up lines. He also made one of our favorite videos of late, where he visited luxury condos in Williamsburg to “what kind of monsters can afford to live here?”

If this kinda humor tickles your pickle, catch his show Running Late with Scott Rogowsky, which comes to Union Hall on Monday.

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