Let us service you: The best Brokelyn guides of 2016

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Learn how to: hang with more dogs, shop internationally, DIY a Shake Shack burger or attend more reading events this year.

This article appears as part of Brokelyn’s “Year in Review” series, which will continue throughout the week. 

New Year’s resolutions are usually trash, but we all could use a fresh start in 2017 so go forth and resolute if you must this year, child. Here at Brokelyn, in addition to writing about Brooklyn people workin’ their hustle and delivering you scalding hot takes, we do lots of service journalism to help make your life better, easier and lest wasteful in this expensive AF city. We’ve collected some of our best from this year below and split them up by topic — they make for fine New Year’s resolutions, if you’re into that sort of thing, or just great ways to make your life better, which we should all be into. 

Have a nicer yard!

You’ve got a garbage yard, here’s how to fix it up!

Do more sledding! 

Where to buy a sled (besides Target) in Brooklyn, for when it eventually snows again.

Eat more internationally!  

Here’s where to find the best ethnic supermarkets in Brooklyn, where you can get lots of cheap delicacies, including the occasional pig uterus (and we told you how to shop there too).

Perhaps you’d also enjoy a Caribbean snack crawl of Flatbush (aka SNACKBUSH)?

Or the five best Haitian food spots in the borough?


Cook better food! 

Become a bodega gourmet with this guide to making three $10 bodega meals.

Or just skip the line and make your own Shake Shack burger at home.

Have better brunches! 

We gave you guides to the best brunches in Bay Ridge and Bushwick, AND showed you the best unlimited drink special brunch spots in the borough. (But remember not to be a jerk to your brunch server.)

Drink better seltzer!

Our summer seltzer taste test led to SHOCKING results.

Go to Canada!…

Our guide for visiting Toronto, written by an actual Canadian, so you know you can trust it.

…But don’t move there! 

Don’t ditch the country after the election: consider moving to a swing state instead.

Be better at working from home! 

Here’s our 2016 guide to almost every single coworking space in Brooklyn.

And here’s how to do a full day of work at the public library, if you ever are laptop-less for a day.

Get more literary! 

Here’s our guide to the best lit magazines in Brooklyn, and how to submit to them; and our guide to best reading series in the borough. If stories are more your thing, we got a list of the best storytelling nights in Brooklyn too.

Or maybe just read more! 

Take your stack of unfinished books to one of the 20 best bars to read in.

Be around more dogs! 

We showed you how to spend time with dogs, even if you don’t own one!

Learn how to f*ck the haters!  

Use this guide to learn how to deal with even the nastiest hecklers at a comedy show (also useful in many life situations).

Learn better bed bug etiquette!

How do you handle your friends who get ~infested~? Who do you tell when you get ~infested~? Find out here!


I've heard of spotting someone in the weight room but this is ridiculous! Via @acusvida on Instagram.
I’ve heard of spotting someone in the weight room but this is ridiculous! Via @acusvida on Instagram.

Be like an Olympian!

If you want to take advantage of cupping, this year’s weirdo trend among Olympians, we showed you where to do it in Brooklyn, and how much it costs.

Stay off your phone more! 

Cell phone dead zones are few and far between in Brooklyn; we rounded them up here.

Practice better vestibule etiquette! 

Helping everyone stay warm in the winter is really an open-and-shut case.

Go camping more! 

Here’s where to rent cheap camping equipment.

Foster your art! 

Use our guide to the best spaces that help emerging artists in Brooklyn.


You need to eat so you have energy to spend the whole day outside. Photo by Steven Hajar/Brokelyn.
You need to eat so you have energy to spend the whole day outside. Photo by Steven Hajar/Brokelyn.

Throw better picnics! 

Quit fucking around and step up your goddamn picnic game already.

Be a better tour guide! 

Your family or friends probably want to see Dumbo when they come to town, which, fine, understandable. Here’s how to navigate the pricey neighborhood on a budget.

Declutter your apartment!

Here’s how to digitize a bunch of your old media for free. Like you need those VHS copies of Speed taking up space in your apartment.

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