The hills are about to come alive: Where to buy a sled in Brooklyn (without going to Target)

Find a sled at Flatbush Avenue's All-Star Locksmith & Hardware, and many other fine retailers. Photo by Tim Donnelly.
Find a sled at Flatbush Avenue’s All-Star Locksmith & Hardware, and many other fine retailers. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Everyone is freaking out at the potential of a huge snowstorm hitting the city this weekend. We’ve been through this more times than the Academy has nominated minorities in the last two years, so there is a slight chance that this is all baloney and nothing will happen but a few sprinkles. There is also a slight chance that all snowy hell will drop on us and the city will resemble Tony Montana’s desk. But don’t get upset, the snow can be fun and how can it be fun? With sleds! Here’s where you can buy a sled this weekend, from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge — including lots of locally owned stores if you don’t want to go into the hell that is Target.

And don’t forget our guide to the five best sledding hills in Brooklyn too!

First, let’s get the chain stores out of the way:

Target (Atlantic Avenue & Flatbush)

Screenshot via Google Maps
Screenshot via Google Maps

For most of you this is the obvious place to grab yourself a sled. We would advise you get there before the workday ends on Friday, as you may suffer being on the world’s longest “express” line, with only two cashiers out of 20 open. Target has a good set of options, some of them a little too fancy for our tastes.

Kohl’s & Toy’s R Us
8973 Bay Pkwy, Gravesend

Cesars Place-Brokelyn-Brookyln
Image via. Dumbo Books of Brooklyn

Sure, it’s kind of deep, but not everyone lives in North Brooklyn. There’s a Toy’s R. Us there as well in case Kohl’s is out of sleds.

Lots of local department stores, hardware stores, dollar stores and toy stores have them too. Here’s a list of places we confirmed have sleds in stock today:

All-Star Locksmith and Hardware
284 Flatbush Ave., Prospect Heights

Bobby’s Department Store
1601 Church Ave., Prospect Park South

6910, Fifth Ave., Bay Ridge
445 Fifth Ave., Park Slope

Screenshot via Google
Screenshot via Google

Another store that seems to have everything you need for just under $20.

Save on Fifth
421 Fifth Ave., Park Slope


Five years ago we found this little spot in Park Slope that had late season sleds on sale. It’s good to know in the five years since, the number of places to purchase sleds in Brooklyn hasn’t exactly exploded, especially with the couple of winters we’ve had.

Tarzian Hardware
193 Seventh Ave., Park Slope

Citi General Hardware
321 Franklin Ave., Bed-Stuy

Crest True Value Hardware
558 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg

Greenpoint Toy Center
738 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

Met Food
632 Vanderbilt Ave.



Use those sleds with our guide to the best sledding hills in Brooklyn, plus where to go to warm up afterwards.

If you’ve got more tips on where to get a sled (especially in Bushwick, we couldn’t find anywhere selling them in Bushwick), add them to the comments!

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