Lecture hard and 20 other free things to do this week

Andrew WK is starting to take the "party messiah" thing a little far. Photo by devious photography via Facebook
Andrew WK is starting to take the “party messiah” thing a little far. Photo by devious photography via Facebook

1. Check out the release party for a new atlas of New Orleans, because you can’t just keep passing off Treme trivia a your insider’s knowledge of the city (Monday)

2. See an adorable cooking couple, one vegan and one a French pastry chef, both talk about their new food books at powerHouse Arena (Monday)

3. Saw Her Stand Up There, the all-female comedy show at Spike Hill is celebrating their birthday, so why don’t you go help them celebrate by hanging out and listening to some jokes (Monday)

4. Editors from Vice will be in conversation with Bedford + Bowery about how Vice got to be where they are today and how they don’t give a shit if you think they’re cool (Monday)

5. Attend a Sandy candlelight vigil, think about how much you hate Hurricane Sandy (Tuesday)

6. Eat free dessert at Nitehawk Cinema and wash it down with cheap beers, courtesy of Butter & Scotch (Tuesday)

7. Attend Andrew WK’s lecture on partying, the most important lecture to ever come to Williamsburg (Tuesday)

8. Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie masters Emily and Melissa Elsen are talking about their cookbook at Greenlight, but more importantly, they’re bringing pie with them (Tuesday)

9. Comedy variety show Backfat is also celebrating a birthday, so regale them with some laughter, maybe tell them they’ve lost weight (Tuesday)

10. Jo Firestone invites you the back room of Freddy’s to convince people the fake historical facts you’re spewing out are real. So basically an audition as a Fox News talking head (Tuesday)

11. Listen to stories of awkward social encounters from writer Allie Brosh’s new memoir, and learn you’re not alone in your social faux pas. You’ll still feel like you are though (Wednesday)

12. People are gathering at Legion to tell scary stories, so bring a change of pants. In case you sit in some beer we mean, why, what did you think we meant? (Wednesday)

13. Or if you want to laugh instead of scream, head to the Knitting Factory, where you can see the best of the worst Halloween videos out there, as well as some scary funny standup (Wednesday)

14. Sailor Jerry is hosting a burlesque Halloween show at Passenger Bar, and of course you’ll go, because what’s better than rum? (Thursday)

15. Videology is wrapping up their month of all day horror movie screenings with a Halloween marathon. Finally, see the weird sequels to Halloween that no one ever talks about (Thursday)

16. Let all that time staring at people getting dismembered in horror movies pay off by winning the Cobra Club’s horror movie trivia night (Thursday)

17. Union Hall has a free Halloween night dance party, so make sure your costume isn’t so unwieldy that you can’t dance in it (Thursday)

18. Halloween might be over, but the Day of the Dead is the very next day, so show how excited you are to be alive at a Day of the Dead dance party at Coco66 (Friday)

19. Enjoy a screening of The Bay and Cabin Fever to make sure you never trust water ever again (Friday)

20. Celebrate being in your 30s, the 1980’s, or both, at Littlefield’s 80’s night (Friday)

21. Last Exit’s Friday Night Videos is mining movie soundtracks for videos this time, so expect a bunch of awkward celebrity cameos and shoehorned in movie footage in the videos. Awesome (Friday)

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