Videology running FREE all-day horror marathons all month

You better hope you don't see these guys in Williamsburg
You better hope you don’t see these guys in Williamsburg

October is here. Holy crap October is here where did the year go? It’s a perfect time to be asking that mortality-considering question, seeing as Halloween happens in October, and as we all know on Halloween, people die. Or at least we take more joy in the idea of people dying. How else to explain Videology’s crazy, ambitious and crazy again plan to run free all-day horror movie marathons in just about every genre you could think of, every day this month?

Yes, that’s right, the Williamsburg video store that turned into a bar has really outdone itself this time. All day, every day, from today through the end of October, you can just pop in to Videology from when they open at noon to when they close, and see a horror movie in almost every genre. Maybe even every genre. What will they be showing? More like “What won’t they be showing? Hey put that knife down.”

Today, things kick off with “Demonic Possession and Occult Movies,” which is happening as we speak. Tomorrow, you’ll get a day full of ghost movies (hopefully¬†Ghost Dad, maybe?). Perhaps you want something very, very specific, like Italian horror movies? Then strut on in on October 17. Want movies that are more gory than other horror films? October 21 is right for you. We’re not gonna run down every single day and movie marathon, we’ll let you explore the calendar over there and figure out what you want to see. But when you start having nightmares, just remember, that’s all on you.

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