Sandy-commemorating candlelight vigils Tuesday night

Shine a light. via Flickr user Stanley Fong
Shine a light. via Flickr user Stanley Fong

Next week is the first anniversary of Sandy making landfall and wreaking havoc on New York City. As people look back, there’s going to be a lot of noise, which is nice since there’s still work to be done rebuilding. But a moment of quiet could be nice to, and to that end, some Brooklynites have organized a number of candlelight vigils to be held in waterfront neighborhoods on October 29.

The Brooklyn Long-Term Recovery Group is a collaborative group of people who are still working to help New Yorkers recover after last year’s hurricane. Next Tuesday, they’ll be taking a short break to stop and have a quiet moment to commemorate Hurricane Sandy with candlelight vigils in the following neighborhoods:

  • Brighton Beach: 3300 Surf Avenue
  • Canarsie: Canarsie Park, 84th Street & Seaview Avenue
  • Gerritsen Beach: 3085 Gerritsen Avenue
  • Red Hook: Verona Street and Richard Street
  • Red Hook: 1 Beard Street
  • Sea Gate: Beach 42nd Street and Surf Avenue
  • Sheepshead Bay: 2801 Emmons Avenue
  • Coney Island: 3059 Denos Vourderis Pl
  • Coney Island: 1229 Boardwalk W
  • Coney Island: W. 24th Street & Boardwalk W
  • Coney Island: Kaiser Park Pier W. 33rd St. & Bayview Ave
  • DUMBO: 1 Main Street

The vigils are set to start at gathering at 6:30pm, with candles and lights distributed to be lit at 7:45pm, the time that Sandy made windfall last year.

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