Join the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and 15 other weekend ideas

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Gp directly to space with the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

1. Get together with people at LaunchPad and watch 16mm cartoons. Yeah, cartoons! (Friday)

2. Put a tear in your beer (which is a free Sixpoint if you get there early enough) at the Brooklyn Country Jubilee (Friday)

3. The Brain Cave Festival and it’s one-hour Radeberger open bar continue through the weekend (Friday – Sunday)

4. Get crafty, or actually buy craft things, at the Prospect Heights Craft Fair (Saturday)

5. Pine Box plays host to yet another delicious vegan pop-up shop. Come and your grub ya lousy ethical eaters (Saturday)

6. Or eat some bao at The Baorey pop-up at Beginnings (Saturday)

7. Habana Outpost opens! And also teaches you how to take care of the planet. But more importantly: delicious Cuban food! (Saturday)

8. Go to Red Hook and get a free grilled cheese, courtesy of Brooklyn Slate Co. Then hang out in Red Hook, it’s supposed to be a nice day (Saturday)

9. Learn how to ride a bike safely out on our crazy streets (Saturday)

10. Go to a liqueur tasting, drink extra cocktails while no one is looking (Saturday)

11. A whole show full of Tom Waits covers at Goodbye Blue Monday? Let’s put the odds of him showing up and punching someone out at 3:1 (Saturday)

12. Hey Queen! doesn’t care who the king of the road is. They’re only interested in dancing with the queen of the road (Saturday)

13. The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and their uniquely optimistic music invades the Silent Barn (Saturday)

14. The Society for Ethical Culture would like to talk to you about how to take care of the Earth. Ethically (Sunday)

15. Help bartenders help charity by spending your money on booze at the Barmen’s Fund Fundraiser at Freddy’s(Sunday)

16. Ever wonder how all that graffiti gets in all those subway tunnels? Union Docs is showing two documentaries that explain it for you (Sunday)

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