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Written in stone: Brooklyn Slate giving away grilled cheese Saturday

Vegans need not apply. via Flickr user Maggie Hoffman
Vegans need not apply. via Flickr user Maggie Hoffman

It’s Monday, so the last thing you want to be thinking about is Saturday. Both because it’s so, so far away and because last Saturday’s debauchery involving eating $80 worth of stadium food might still be sitting like a rock in your stomach. Screw that though, everybody’s working for the weekend, right? Especially when that weekend has free grilled cheese in Red Hook.

The Brooklyn Slate Company, producer of fancy slate cheese boards that probably drive people who hate hipsters and foodies up a wall, is opening their brick-and-mortar location in Red Hook. Hooray for more businesses in Red Hook! Of course, if that was the only news, this would be running on Richlyn or something. The part that’s important to you, the hungry brokester, is that Brooklyn Slate opens their store on National Grilled Cheese Day, which is ¬†thing apparently. So they’re celebrating the two occasions the only way they know how: by handing out grilled cheese sandwiches to whoever wanders in off the street. Hey, don’t¬†you wander the streets looking for free sandwiches? Because we do.

Anyway, it all goes down on Saturday at the brand spanking new store at 305 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook. The sandwiches will be given out from noon to 6pm, so you’ve even got time to sleep off your hangover before heading down there. Thanks, guys!

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