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Let comedian Joe Pera talk you to sleep in this thoroughly weird bedtime comedy video

You never can tell what’s coming next in the world of alt-comedy. With two years of an over-the-top variety show in Bushwick, five of a bonafide pun competition (now a home board game) in Gowanus, and that comedy festival Jo Firestone threw inside a car wash, weird has almost become our default setting here in the Brooklyn comedy scene. This latest installment from adultswim is a welcome addition to the canon: local comedian Joe Pera is here to joke you to sleep.

The video, which runs roughly 11 minutes, embraces Pera’s signature comedic style of slow-burning punchlines (you’ve probably heard ’em at any of the BK or Manhattan venues he frequents with his standup). And you know, it really is pretty soothing. Pera muses quietly about fireworks, missed opportunities and Dutch Pennsylvania’s contributions to snack culture. He dreams about baseball and then his cartoon self hits about a dozen balls in a batting cage. He says after each one, “Nice.” All the while, a Christmas-evocative snow falls gently outside his window and a basset hound sleeps by the fire.

Give it a watch for some laughs, or use it as it’s seemingly intended: for bedtime, when you’re stuck tossing and turning after a long day. In the words of Pera, “falling asleep is one of the best feelings there is.”

[h/t Splitsider]

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