It’s time for Crest Fest! And 16 other ways to spend the weekend

The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at CrestFest
The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at Crest Fest. via Facebook

1. Friend-of-Hodgman Jonathan Coulton will be popping in to The Rock Shop’s punk karaoke night to help shepherd in some of the cheesiest songs of the last 40 years (Friday)

2. Greenwood Park has the hottest 80s, 90s, funk and party jams because that is how they do it (Friday)

3. Or maybe your tastes run more towards indie and surf rock, in which case check out the dance party chock full of it at The Secret Loft. Not much of a secret if they’re advertising (Friday)

4. Have a gay old time all weekend at all the super-fun Brooklyn Pride week parties (Friday – Sunday)

5. Watch the best handball players in NYC slap some balls around in Coney Island. Man, that joke never gets old (Saturday)

6. Learn how to get that indie movie you made seen by more eyeballs at the BFF Exchange (Saturday)

7. If you’re a woman and want to learn to surf and don’t want to get taught be some creep just trying to get his hand in your wetsuit, we’d recommend the Women’s Surf Workshop (Saturday)

8. Enjoy all the art and music you can handle at Crest Fest. Hope you can handle a lot, because it goes on for hours (Saturday)

9. Make a stand for the public library at the 24-hour Read-in. After all, it does so much for you (Saturday)

10. The NYC Naked Bike Ride combines two of our favorite things: riding bikes and naked people (Saturday)

11. If you want to see people race bikes instead of just casually riding them in not many clothes, you can check out the Red Hook Crit. Which is being held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so don’t go all the way to Red Hook for it (Saturday)

12. Or if you’d rather surround yourself with sex minus the bikes, check out Shag’s sex ed workshop. Not us, we’d prefer to live in fear and ignorance (Saturday)

13. “I think we’ll need a bigger tolerance for alcohol” – you, to your friends after you guys try to drink all the booze at Videology at theirĀ Jaws screening. But hey, you get a free Narragansett! (Saturday)

14. Hey, it’s a barn dance. You don’t see that every day (Sunday)

15. Take a tour of Flatbush’s Victorian houses, and think about how much life has changed since they were built. Something that’s stayed constant? You can’t afford one (Sunday)

16. Mister Sunday Night is back and ready to remind you that yes, Sunday is still part of the weekend, so yes you can still look cool and dance (Sunday)

17. The Bushwick Starr is having their annual spring benefit and even if you just hate the theatre, Reggie Watts is gonna be there andĀ everyone loves Reggie Watts (Sunday)

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