Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Hotel with romantic views of Newtown Creek coming to Bushwick

Future site of a tourism hotspot. via Google Street View
Future site of a tourism hotspot. via Google Street View

Now that Brooklyn is the kind of place tourists carrying comically large bags of cash want to come and explore, developers are realizing they can make a mint by putting up hotels. Witness the successful Wythe Hotel, or Bklyn House, the Bushwick hotel constructed out of both concrete and nonsensical hip Brooklyn marketing-speak. Or forget those and look the future, where someday soon a hotel will rise on Flushing Avenue and Stewart Avenue. A hotel where tourists will be able to go to the rooftop deck and gaze longingly at the romantic sight that is the Newtown Creek.

New York YIMBY reports that a developer has filed a permit to construct a 115-foot hotel (with a floor set aside for medical offices) at 25 Stewart Avenue. The plan is for the hotel to have 140 rooms, a cellar bar and lounge and a rooftop deck on the top. It’s the rooftop that really tickles us, since as the highest building  in the surrounding area, the deck will have a clear, direct view of the Newtown Creek.

The hotel is also just down the block from Bushwick’s famous garbage warehouses, that industrial square between Knickerbocker Avenue and Porter Avenue. If you’ve never walked through it or near it, let us tell you, it’s a place where fantastic new smells are discovered every day, smells we wonder about making it to the top of a nine story building. Of course, even if the garbage smells don’t reach the top, the hotel is also right next to a building that used to emanate the smell of fresh chicken blood on hot summer nights! That metallic tang you might be getting a whiff of? Dead chickens, all near your rooftop deck with the $16 cocktails.

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