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‘Bushwick-inspired’ hotel neighborhood’s newest meaningless word salad

bklyn house
These strange hieroglyphics are all that future historians found remaining in Bushwick. via Facebook

Earlier this year, we let you know that Bushwick was getting a big fancy new hotel, because your guests are just too damn fancy for the Bushwick Hotel. And now, just in time for Bushwick to be the newest neighborhood for creatives to look at and say, “Huh, it sure is expensive here maybe we should move,” the hotel’s owners are calling it a “Bushwick-inspired” hotel that will draw on whatever creative energy the place has left. “Like a vampire?” you ask and we nod because hey you said it, not us.

DNA Info talked to the owners of the Bklyn House, who must have been careful to check off all the boxes in the “meaningless word salad about Bushwick” checklist before describing their hotel. Bklyn House will be “a little bit different” because it still “feels like Bushwick here.” The promo art for the hotel was “hand drawn” by a Brooklyn artist, the owners are “inspired by the stuff going on” in Bushwick, and they really love the “tight-knit” community that exists in the neighborhood.

Oh, and a night in the hotel, which looks like a sad Lego building a kid tried to paint some color on before getting bored, will cost you $175/night. Which is definitely more expensive than the Bushwick Hotel.

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