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Video: Bushwick bar made the perfect horrifying Valentine’s Day ad for our new dystopian reality

Perhaps you’re finding it hard to feel much in the mood for lurve today, seeing as the state of national politics presently falls somewhere between wilted three-week-old-bodega-flowers and a heart-shaped box full of carob-covered bed bugs and chlamydia. So if you’re not in the mood to make DIY chocolate treats, no one would blame you. Instead you might just want to consider the activity that truly matches what’s in our hearts right now: drinking heavily in a dimly lit dive bar.

Last year, Bushwick’s Bootleg Bar celebrated its second anniversary by releasing a truly amazing and outrageously bonkers retro-style commercial mashing up 80s-style car dealership spots and local TV ads. This year it’s back to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the above video, which it describes as “Eraserhead meets a 1-900 commercial.” It’s disturbing and dark and a little unnerving, making it the perfect video to watch on Valentine’s Day 2017. Damnit, I need a drink already.

The video, directed and Edited by Horatio Baltz and written by Horatio Baltz and Bobby Rich, advertises “hundreds of local guys and girls are connecting right now.” This one isn’t as maniacal as last year’s video, but Bootleg is clearly good at this sort of thing, so we send them a hearty cheers for this.

We can’t promise you’ll actually meet a last minute Valentine at Bootleg, but it is a bar in Bushwick with a pool table and jukebox that serves alcohol and picklebacks, so your chances are about as good as they are any other night, which is to say very good.

(PS the phone number does not go to Bootleg bar).

Bootleg is located at 1438 Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick.

Bae? Via screenshot.
Bae? Via screenshot.

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