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Holy crap, you could live ALONE in Williamsburg for $756/month

You could do this every day for $756/month.  via Youtube
You could do this every day for $756/month. via Youtube

We know, you probably didn’t think you could ever afford to live alone in this town. Frankly, neither did we. But Mayor Tall’s campaign for affordable housing is ever here to remind you that you still can. And for the first time since the terrible poor doors crisis of 2015, there are affordable units in prime Williamsburg!

DNA Info reports that 13 shiny new units of affordable housing are coming to a number of buildings spanning from the North to South ‘burg. We made a map for you so you can drool over all the locations, locations, locations and their proximity to trains (including J and M trains, since you won’t be able to rely on the L). Read on to figure out how you can have a place all to yourself, instead of being limited to the occasional absences of a terrible roommate like Bevvers.

There are six one-bedroom units available, one for $756 and five for $913. The income eligibility requirements are the same for both: you need to be making between $30,446 and $36,300 annually. Anyone who already lives within the district of Community Board 1 (Williamsburg, Greenpoint and East Williamsburg) will be given a 50 percent preference.

Let’s stress it one more time, for good measure: this is the only way you’ll ever afford a Williamsburg address on your own. Real estate isn’t getting better, and you’re not getting younger or richer (probably).

We’re not about to tell you all to Move To Williamsburg!!!, because it’s that kind of real estate slime that kills off everything good in a neighborhood and displaces its residents while mocking cultural narratives and dubbing things New Frontiers. But if you do want to live in Williamsburg, this is probably your best bet.

Applications are due March 8, so start your (search) engines early and apply today. Don’t hinge hopes on just one affordable housing option, either — the affordable units in Fort Greene fall within the same income range. Apply for both!


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